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Whether you need a desk, office suite, or great ideas, we create environments that increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration.

Community and productivity require a true workspace where members from different disciplines share resources, share space, and share respect.

We unfortunately do not accept members whose work involves frequent phone calls, since we have an open-office layout.

Our memberships autorenew every 30 days until cancellation. They can be cancelled anytime to avoid further billing. No deposit is required to join.

You can pay by either credit card or direct debit.

If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT us or ask Masa at the office down stairs.

Benefits of high ceilling

The ceiling hight of our coworking space is over 3.2m which is over 80cm higher than avarage houses.

High ceilings cause people to think more freely, encouraging creativity and abstraction, while lower ceilings promoted confined thinking.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

A standing desk is basically a desk that allows you to stand up comfortably while working. Here are 7 benefits of using a standing desk.

1. Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

2. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

3. Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

4. Reduce Back Pain

5. Improve Mood and Energy Levels

6. Boost Productivity

7. Help You Live Longer

We recommend you to work at a standing desk a few hours a day, not whole day. You should work at the chair or sofa to get good ideas or to concentrate on working sometimes.


We have a meetup every Saturday as we are having Night Cafe. Since we have just started, we don't think many pepole would come in order to meet people for a while.

So just come to drink and talk to Me. I'm a designer, web developer and entrepreneur. I'm doing some online business, a English school and have just started the coworking space.

Let's talk about anything and have fun. We might get some great ideas with talking about something like music, traveling or even bicycle. We can also talk about specific theme like web marketing, programming, design, startup or anything, if you want.

I'm very happy with sharing ideas or information with you. I believe sharing and helping each other make us both succeed. So, I'm very looking forward to meeting you.

Masayuki Matsubara
This is my name which is too long to remember. Just call me Masa.