Night Cafe

Saturday Night Cafe “BOOKS” is hidden at the back of one of those timeless. Tucked away in the upstair like a bird nest on the tree by the river in Tajimi city, we are on the second floor of a 100 years old theater with a old stage that we play live music sometimes on. Everyone is welcome and will be greeted warmly in comfortable, unpretentious surroundings. We have worked hard to build a team at BOOKS that is friendly and helpful. Each one of us is passionate about putting a smile on your face with excellent service and fantastic coffee, world beer, sundae, world canned food and more.
OPEN: Sat 06:00pm~11:30pm


We have no table charge, live charge or any kind of charge system.
These are some example of our menus.




Live Music Gig

Live- -Music



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